Jan Murphy

Jan Murphy - WBB Founder

Jan Murphy, Founder of Women’s Business Bureau is a professional connector, promoter and motivator of people. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people find success and happiness. I founded a women’s business organization that went viral in Atlanta, Georgia and created a business networking environment unlike any other business networking organization in the state.The philosophy was a simple one. Create an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership among members and have them become a part of something bigger than themselves achieving more with the power of numbers than what they could achieve as individuals. I introduced a collaborative advertising campaign program which allowed the promotion, branding and marketing of the members’ businesses become a reality and make affordable advertising available to them. As the organization grew to 400 members with 5 chapters in Atlanta and members in 7 states, I became a keynote speaker for numerous local business organizations, chambers, schools and was a guest on numerous national radio shows and was a featured guest on an Atlanta based television show.

In the past, I have successfully opened mortgage banking operations for several large national banks including Chase (JP Morgan Chase) and managed an annual budget of over $126 million, hired and trained over fifty employees. I also founded a successful mortgage banking consulting firm that marketed to financial institutions. Company went on to gross over a half-million dollars during its existence.

For years, I have been providing sales training and business consulting services to men and women but spend most of my energy helping women to succeed in their businesses. My expertise lies in sales training, business development, personal and business branding, niche and target marketing, social media marketing and business structuring. Be sure to check out Jan's 2% Mindset and Simple Sales & Prospecting Techniques workshops under our events tab,

My services are available on a contract fee basis. To discuss in detail how I may help you improve your ROI or if need help with your start up or business needs, please contact me directly to schedule an appointment at 334-560-6955.


C.A.N.T Change Attitude Now for Tomorrow's Success

Success is a mindset and if you can convince yourself to take action, I believe that you can achieve the success that you want if you stop listening to everyone around you and start planning for success. 
This book is designed to help people who are working the average nine to five job who want more out of their careers and for those who want to build successful businesses. 
In this book, you will determine whether or not you have an employee mindset or an entrepreneurial mindset. I believe that the people who achieve the most in this world, have an entrepreneurial mindset and not the employee mindset. It makes no difference if you are trying to achieve success in the corporate world or the business world, your mindset is the key to achieving the success that you want. Don’t let others define success for you. It's different things for different people.