Mentoring Program

The Importance of Women Mentoring Women

Mentoring Women

Women often find asking themselves, what now? A question that many women ask in a new situation. Whether it is asking for more responsibility or negotiating a pay raise, it is a challenge women are truly uncomfortable with. Often women just don’t have the support they need in the workplace to encourage them to apply for new positions, ask for more leadership opportunities, negotiate time off, better perks, or compensation. As it turns out, there are women willing to help – mentors to help navigate unfamiliar territory.

There are challenges that women face at work that are gender specific. It’s difficult discussing the emotional and physical challenges of balancing a full-time job and running any household with men in the workplace. It’s not even a topic that is discussed with men because many do not understand. It’s validating to speak with other women who have experienced the same challenges at some point in their careers. Most experienced professionals have taken the scenic route in their career – how they got to where they are is usually an interesting tale full of mistakes and revelations.

Women’s Business Bureau is in the business of helping women. That’s what we do.

Our Mentoring Program

WBB offers:

  • Mentoring is done in several ways. Women’s Business Bureau offers mentoring through networking at our monthly business luncheons. This is called peer-to-peer mentoring. There are numerous learning opportunities when networking with other women. Networking with professional business women is one of the best ways to learn how to communicate in the business world, learn how business professionals interact, what their expectations are, improve communication skills and develop strong long lasting relationships with women of all types of personalities, backgrounds, skill sets and ages.
  • Mentoring to women to help clarify career aspirations and figure out the actions needed to take to achieve their career goals
  • Provide ongoing support and encouragement to navigate the tricky waters of a career or startup business
  • Help to women to define their second career- their encore after retirement or as empty nester
  • Person-to-person mentoring with Jan Murphy, the Founder of Women’s Business Bureau

Our College Mentoring Program

College Mentoring

Women Business Bureau will be offering opportunities to college women to come network at our monthly luncheons at no cost to them. This program is expected to be instituted in early spring, 2015. Any woman regardless of her age who is enrolled in school can qualify for this program. In order to apply, click here for more information.

College Mentoring